To guarantee fair gaming, player protection and regulatory compliance we conduct testing and certification of online gambling software and systems for Africa. Each of our member states impose unique requirements for gambling platforms. We therefore perform regulatory compliance audits to verify whether a business and its product satisfy the requirements set forth by our member states.
We focus on the following policy objectives :

1. INFORMATION SECURITY ASSESSMENT : We assess operators security management systems and procedures against ISO standards Since operators have access to personal user information and their financial details, they are expected to abide by strict confidentiality standards and employ secure software platforms to handle the data.

2. PLAYER PROTECTION: We ensure adherence to responsible gambling principles that requires operators to provide players not only with warnings and links to resources that can help with problem gambling, but also practical tools to control their gaming experience.

3. CONSUMER SATISFACTION: We measure consumer satisfaction using three metrics: Excellent customer support, Fair dispute resolution and Timely transactions. Consumers should be able to reach support around the clock and disputes should be dealt with fairly and players should be allowed access to an independent third party for mediation and resolution.

4. COMBATING MONEY LAUNDERING AND FINANCING OF TERRORISM ( AML / CFT ): We assess compliance with Anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-financing of terrorism (CFT) legislation. Gambling operators must take all necessary measures to ensure the legality of transactions. Any suspicious movements of funds or activity has to be promptly reported to the relevant institutions and investigation units.